System Integrator for the oil industry


Driven by technical innovation, M+F is a systems provider for loading applications in the oil industry.

M+F offers complete system solutions from engineering to commissioning. The main fields of activity are loading systems for tank trucks, barges, ships and rail cars as well as pipeline metering systems and aircraft refuelling applications.  >>>



From Engineering to Manufacturing to Commissioning

Produktion einer Schiffsentlade-Messanlage im Werk Hamburg

Production of Metering systemfor Ship-unloading in Hamburg

As a system integrator, M+F has in-house knowledge to integrate the most modern technology into complete solutions.  >>>



Over 40 years of experience in oil product handling


1992: Modernisation of all truck laoding terminals for MOL, Hungary

M+F is a leading systems supplier for the mineral oil industry.

Founded in 1968 in Hamburg, M+F is now a fully-owned subsidiary of J. Heinr. Kramer Holding GmbH and thus a member of the J. Heinr. Kramer group. Since 1901 the J. Heinr. Kramer group, a family-owned company having its head office in Bremerhaven, has successfully been working in the field of plant engineering and construction in Germany as well as abroad.




Approved to international standards


From quality to Health, Security and Environment, M+F owns all certificates that are required for a true systems integrator in the oil industry.




Uncompromised quality


In all processes like engineering and manufacturing, M+F fulfills the highest standards of quality and is certified by Germanischer Lloyd according to ISO 9001:2008.  >>>