On-Spot loading technology for rail cars


M+F is a leading manufacturer of On-spot filling tubes for the loading of rail cars with oil products. In 2008, M+F  acquired this technology from Konrad Anlagenbau GmbH. Today, all Konrad personell works at M+F.

Together with the filling tube technology, M+F offers fully automated On-spot rail car systems for high loading capacity. These systems have proven their performance and reliability under differing climatic conditions for a wide range of difefrent products [i.e. benzine, diesel, heavy heating oil, cerosene, benzole, toluol, crude oil etc.]




  • high loading capacity up to 5.0 mio tonnes/year
  • up to 700 m³/h flow rate
  • filling tube diameter up to DN 250
  • equential loading of different products within one train without product contamination
  • ccurate product measurement in volume or mass
  • no product loss becuase of overspill
  • integration into existing environments


Environmentally friendly

  • no emissions due to vapor recovery
  • double protection against overfilling of rail cars
  • no product leakages in the area of rails and rail cars



  • Fire protection with fire detector, CO2- system at loading point
  • Gas warning system in whole installation for detection of product vapor

Elements of an On-spot loading system:

  • HHydraulically operated telescope filling tube up to DN 250
  • bidimensional positioning unit
  • Vapor return via telescope tubes
  • Integrated locking device
  • Pneumatically controlled overfill protection
  • Pneumatically inflatable sealing or flat sealing

Exemplary project HVR-5000-loading:

Hydraulically operated bidimensional positioning unit

60 m³ of the highly viscous HVR [Highly Viscous Residue] are loaded within 12 minutes at a constant filling temperature of 150° C.


Telescope filling tube with drop retainer


Product outlet